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Why carry your baby?


There are lots of reasons to carry your baby.

Here are just a few:




1) Helps combat postnatal depression


2) Increases Access - hills, narrow shops, muddy fields


3) Increases bonding between mother/ father and baby


4) Frees your hands


5) Encourages breastfeeding


6) Carried babies cry less! (43%)


7) Helps regulate body temperature for baby


8) Prevents Flat head syndrome


9) Helps with Reflux / Colic


10) Low impact way of regaining core- strength.




Common Misconceptions (and answers):


It creates clingy and needy babies.

Nope.. In fact it's been proven that babies who are carried cry less and are more independent. 


It's too feminine for me.

Buckles are like backpacks. Definitely not feminine. For those who like wraps with pretty designs with intricate patterns, those do exist - but similarly if you're just looking for a plain black clip on carrier we have those too.


It's too much hassle.

Admittedly, It is a skill you learn. Like riding a bike. And in that respect it is harder than pushing a pram (no one does consults for how to do that!) However once learnt, which doesn't take long, It's often easier than using a pram, for example walks on the beach.


'Babywearers' don't use prams.

Let's clarify... I love my pram.. But for me they just have different uses. Pram for naps, and when I'm shopping (it's like a portable trolley). Carriers for hands free jobs, and comforting, walks, pushing two at once, kindergym, soothing a teething baby and cuddling two at once. 


It prevents baby's development

In being carried, babies vestibular system actually develops sooner. It also prevents flat head syndrome, and increases communication.


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