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Carrier Types:


Stretchy Wraps

These are long pieces of material that you wrap round. They are ideal for newborns but are often out grown around 6-9 months. They are easily shared between parents and can be pre-tied. 


Stretchy Hybrids

These are made of the same material as above, but do not require any tying so are quicker to put on and off. These are ideal for most people, although those with sensitive backs may prefer a wrap as the weight is more evenly distributed across the back.

Soft Structured Carriers or Buckles

These are the ones that clip on. There's no tying involved. They are quick to use, and easy to share between parents. They can be used for front back and hip carries.  When babies become toddlers, there are toddler versions of most carriers. These are very large and your child usually has to be well into age 2-3 trousers before a toddler carrier will fit. 

Woven Wraps

These are long pieces of woven material that you wrap around. They are extremely versatile and suitable for premature babies right through to toddler hood. They can be used for front, back and hip carries. As someone with tiny shoulders these are my favourite as I can spread the weight across my torso too. They do require a bit of practice, but then are fast to use.


Ring Slings

Often made of wrap material, these are ideal for newborn for front upright carries, and for quick carries for older babies i.e on a school run. 



These are simple loops of fabric that rest over one shoulder and have a pouch area for baby to sit. They are extremely difficult to get a good position with, and a ring sling is a similar but better option.


Beh Dais (formally known as Mei Tais)

Beh Dais are like buckled carriers except that they have four straps that tie rather than clip. They are a good half way house between buckles and wraps, offering more flexibility and comfort, without being as daunting. 



Podagis are like beh dais without the waist straps. They are fab for teaching wrapping, and for those who prefer no waist band (especially good for pregnant women)



Onbuhemo are again similar to beh dais, but with rings at the bottom instead of straps. They are great for those who want to back carry but are nervous, as the baby is seated before it's put on.




Baby carried in a stretchy wrap
Baby carried in a buckle carrier
Child carried in a woven wrap
Baby carried in a ring sling
Baby carried in a Meh Dai
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