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Training and Support Package for Childcare Providers

Parents tell us they would love their childcare providers to use baby carriers to help soothe and calm babies whilst still caring for other children.


Many babies and children are used to being carried by family members and would benefit from that continuity and sense of security in a childcare setting.


Carrying babies and children in a carrier can be incredibly beneficial but must be done safely. Parents tell us they would expect their childcare provider to have received training on how to use a carrier safely from a qualified professional before using one.


Close and Calm can deliver a comprehensive training and support package to enable your staff to use carriers comfortably, safely and confidently.

The package costs from £90 (based on 3 people attending). Please get in touch to discuss more about this:


Peer Supporter Training Courses

As part of the Born to Carry  recognised course providers, we offer Peer Support courses in Aberdeen and North East Scotland.

Close and Calm Limited Born to Carry Peer Supporter Course Overview:


The Benefits of Carrying Your Child Close and Skin to Skin.

Covering Bonding and Brief history.



Including Safety vs Optimum Positioning.

T.I.C.K.S. Guidelines: What are they and why are they important.

How to carry a child safely, paying particular attention to airways, risks of overheating, positioning, hips and spine.

Safety in common circumstances, e.g. feeding, when cold.

Inviting Inclusivity

Discussing Baby Box, the normalisation of carrying - carrying becoming mainstream and how we must ensure it is not exclusive. Refer to Carriers without Barriers (free long term hire)


The Role of Peer Supporter

Boundaries and Limitations. When to refer on to Consultants / Healthcare Professionals. Insurance. 

Practical Demonstration of the Most Common Carrier Types: 

One Method will be fully explored and taught, the rest will be demonstrated and discussed.

Stretchy Wrap (including one way)
Woven Wrap

Buckle Carriers

Ring Slings

Meh Dais


Communication and Demonstration Skills

Covering confidence, clarity, and ensuring speech is encouraging / not accidentally judgemental /assumptive.


Courses cost £100 per person -. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more:

Please Note, this is a Peer Supporter Course, not a Consultancy Course, and as such does not cover advanced techniques such as back carrying. It would suit those who love carrying and would like to feel more confident at helping other parents safely, those helping at Sling Libraries, Doulas, Midwives, Nurses, Antenatal / Postnatal Teachers.

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