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I smiled on them when they had no confidence

And a note from Jess


I’m so pleased to announce my latest service - “Supported Space” thanks to all the women who’ve helped me develop this. As I struggled with my recovery and my boy’s reflux I knew I just needed somewhere I could be open, honest, share my doubts and talk through my fears. Thankfully I found that place through friends, and am now in a place to offer the same to you. 


The session is £20 for the hour, enabling me to cover my childcare and insurance costs - but if cost is an issue please just let me know.

This is not intended as a replacement for any of the wonderful NHS services available to you. I really benefitted from my birth debriefing session which everyone is entitled to (just contact your midwife /Health visitor).

For those wondering about qualifications - I have a degree in Theology which covered Pastoral Care, Spirituality, Health and Healing - and focused on taking a holistic approach to care and support. After my degree I worked as a Student Support Worker, before moving on to become Assistant Chaplain at the University of Aberdeen. This means I am experienced with meeting with people and discussing fears, anxieties, illnesses, trauma and bereavements.


My clients are always able to raise religious discussions if they so wish. They are likewise able to not talk about religious issues at all - this space is for them. 


And finally - a quote from a lady I've supported:

"At a difficult time in my life where my foster brother of almost 4 years was being adopted, Jess was a great help to me. She was there when I needed someone to talk to. She was a great listener and gave me simple advice to help me feel better about the situation. She was a fantastic support and I really appreciated her being there for me"  L. from Aberdeen.


Jess x

Pregnancy and Motherhood can be difficult. It’s sometimes hard to know where to turn, and even when you do know - what to say. 


Supported Space is an hour where you can just relax and be yourself. Where you can ask questions without fear of judgement. Where you can talk through your labour, your birth, any anxieties you have, and where you will find reassurance and hope. I don’t promise to have all the answers, but I will stand with you and help as I can.


I love this quote “I smiled on them when they had no confidence”. It speaks to me of what I needed when recovering from a difficult birth, and having a baby with reflux, and it’s what Supported Space is all about. Space to be yourself, without fears or pressure, while being offered support and encouragement too. 


Sessions are also available through online, just get in touch.

Jess x


*Quote from Job.29:24

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