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Skin to Skin Care and Baby Carrying - Peer Supporter Course. 

Skin to Skin in the UK

I am passionate about seeing an increase in the prevalence of Skin to Skin care across the UK.  

Skin to Skin is an incredibly low cost intervention, with incredible benefits, and yet incidence remains low in the UK. 

Close and Calm offer a course dedicated to changing this. Dedicated to seeing parents support their babies in a way that no one else can, encouraged and equipped by the amazing staff that are there to stand with them during their neonatal stay. 

The Course: 

I am able to offer a 6 hour course, enabling those who attend to become Peer Supporters, who can show other parents how to use skin to skin tops and one carrier type (either the Scottish baby box wrap or the Close Caboo Carrier depending on which is best for your location) in situations where the medical staff deem the baby is stable enough.


The Course is recognised by Born to Carry and is a modified version of the Peer Supporter Course, focusing the practical side on only the Stretchy Wraps or Close Caboo and the Skin to Skin tops, and with additional information relevant to the Neonatal Setting and also covering when the use of each may or may not be appropriate. If you preferred a full Peer Supporter Course covering all carrier types email us as we do offer those too. 

The attendees will learn about carrying safety, the benefits of carrying your child close, inviting inclusivity, the role and limitations of a peer supporter, communication, as well as the practical side of using and showing parents how to use the tops and wrap. We spend a lot of time talking about not just the benefits of skin to skin care, but the barriers that we perceive and how we can overcome these to help increase the amount skin to skin care we see and improve the experience for your families. 


This in- person course would then have a follow up assessment via video / online.

This course enables them to show parents how to use the tops and carriers, but not to train other staff in delivering teaching - that would need both a baby carrying consultancy and a train the trainer course - if you do ever want to go down this route do let us know and I can signpost you.


Please get in touch for costings. 


In terms of equipment, for each participant we require one demonstration doll, one carrier of your choice, and one skin to skin top. If sourcing these are an issue I am able to provide most of these, and depending on mode of travel there may be a small postage charge of £30 to allow me to send them in advance.


I hope that's all helpful for you and let me know if you have any further questions :)


Best Wishes, 


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