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What to expect at a Drop In Session

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Knowing what to expect is more than half the battle for me. For some reason I just feel more comfortable knowing where I'm going, what the event will look like and anything I'm 'expected' to do. The most important thing for me (Jess) is that you feel welcomed and made at home and supported. So here's our low down on the Drop Ins:

1) It's accessible

All the venues we use have parking on site, are near bus routes, and have wheelchair access. Prams are welcome inside and can be kept with you at all times.

2) Siblings are welcome

We have toys available at all our sessions for any siblings who are coming along.

3) Carrying is for everyone

Regardless of Age, Race, Gender, Nationality, and Beliefs. We believe carrying is for everyone and strive to be as inclusive as we can. We also run a "Carriers without Barriers" scheme offering carriers for free hire, for those families affected by disability, serious illness, depression, domestic abuse and poverty, foster / adoptive families, breastfeeding difficulties where skin to skin would help.

4) £5 per family is appreciated and can be used towards the cost of a hire.

This helps cover the room hire costs. While Close and Calm is run as a business, the drop in sessions sometimes run at a loss, but we strongly believe they're worth it as it's a great way for parents to meet each other, it's often more convenient than coming to Bucksburn, and it helps people get assistance with their carriers, even if they can't afford a consultation.

5) The Sessions can get busy

The Drop In Sessions are run by me (Jess) and my lovely volunteers who are fully trained and insured peer supporters that give their time to support you. Usually we run pretty smoothly, On occasion there's only me who can make it - other times we have 6 volunteers - If you do have to wait hopefully you'll get to meet other parents and still enjoy your time here while waiting.

6) Drop In Sessions are best suited to trying 1 or 2 things

As above, sometimes we do get busy and so have to try and spread our time evenly between people, so may not be able to talk you through the 15 carriers you wanted to try. We do however love familiar faces, and have some people come to every drop in session so they can work through their wanted list.

7) We're not about rules, other than safety

Choosing a carrier is about what works for you and your baby. We will want to make sure your baby can breathe in your chosen carrier, and that they won't be liable to overheating - other than that the choice is yours. Carriers that clip on, Carriers that Tie on, Long Wraps, Ring Slings, Bring your own carrier, or even if you don't want to carry but fancied the company - you're more than welcome.

8) We love helping you with the Scottish Baby Box Wrap

We have had the privilege of working with the government on this, and love showing parents how to use the wrap - if you need help before the drop in here is a video we made:

and here's an article we wrote on it: http://blog.oschaslings.com/scottish-baby-boxes/

9) We have to leave on time

As it gets near the session end you may notice people packing up around you. We're not being rude - it's just that we all often end our Drop In with a communal sprint to different nurseries across the City to collect our wee ones :) If you have something you need help with that day always come with plenty of time.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!

For Inverurie Drop In Join this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/inverurie/

For Bridge of Don this one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BODcarriers/

To follow us on the Close and Calm Page: www.facebook.com/closeandcalm

Jess x

Written by Jess Hippey

Passionate about seeing calm restored to families’ lives.

About the Author;

Jess, a Divinity graduate, had a significant career change following her children suffering reflux. 

Carrying was the only thing that soothed them.  She saw a need for private consultations, online support and carrier hires, and so Close and Calm was born.  

Jess has worked with:

· Social Services (running free hire schemes)

· The Government and NHS for the new Baby Boxes offered in Scotland

· Carrier Manufacturers (offering advice and helping to develop new carriers)

Jess is now renowned in the industry; teaching at nationwide events and freelancing for magazines and manufacturers. www.closeandcalm.co.uk

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