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What is the best baby carrier?

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Good question!

What is the best baby carrier? I'd say that this is my most frequently asked question, and one that I tend to answer with more questions because what is the best for me may not be the best baby carrier for you.

There is a reason that we have over 150 carriers to hire, and that is simply because different people tend to prefer different carriers - it's similar to asking what is the best car, wine, pram or film.

The brands that we stock are all incredible brands - we specifically choose ones that our customers love, and that are safe for your little one. However, what you may love, may actually be one that I find uncomfortable.

When you get in touch, we tend to ask a few questions and then with our expertise narrow down the options to ones that we think will best suit you and your little one, considering things like:

  • Clip on or Tie on?

  • Crossed Strapped or Ruck Sack Strapped?

  • Lots of padding or Minimal padding?

  • Indoor or Outdoor Use?

  • How old is your little one and what size clothing are they in?

We may suggest carriers different to your friend's preferred one, or different to the one that you have seen had great online reviews - but that's because we are trying to help choose one that specifically suits you :)

We've created this photo album to highlight some of the key features of some carriers and hope it's helpful in making your choice. We also have made some YouTube Videos as personally seeing how they look and go on helps me decide if I'd find that easy or not.

We love helping you choose, and our 'Hire Two Carriers at Once' offer is really popular to help you feel the difference between two that we'd suggest and we offer virtual fit checks with all our appointments to help you get the most from you hire!

Get in touch today to chat with other about What is the best baby carrier for you!

Jess x

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