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Talking to Randoms…

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

I should introduce myself; I am Joe and I am the husband of Jess and father of the small people herein.

So baby wearing eh what’s that about and how did you get into it?

I did wonder when I first heard of it; it sounded a rather niche activity which many folk think of as distinctly Hippy-ish: I had my reservations too. My prior experience up until that point had been carrying my first born son, in a Cybex front carrier and on occasion a Samsonite metal framed seated ruck sack (you know the one those outdoorsy types always have- a friend of mine even has one with a hood- Rock and Roll!) so all this talk of wraps, rails and passes seemed alien and bewildering. I will leave it then I thought; too much like hard work. Then as the days and weeks went by I saw that Jess could do super human feats like going shopping with two small people and walks with a toddler wobbling on a balance bike with no tears as she had hands free to catch him. Hmmmm I thought I might be missing a trick here, so I began to show an interest and ask questions.

When we were lent a wrap with prominent skull patterns on I instantly recognised it’s Alexander McQueen inspiration and this piqued my interest and surprised Jess no end. 'Joe is into fabric, weaves and design of fashionable items. Who knew?' The give-away to that one should have been my love of selvedge denim but that’s a story for another day. Back to wraps….

I tried a size 6 wrap of Jess’s (4.6m of fabric- yes that’s right that is a lot) and found it genuinely and surprisingly good; with a lot of help at first I had it comfortably holding my son and found it much, much comfier on my slim frame than the prior alternatives I had tried. I wore him around the house at first just playing together with my eldest and doing everyday tasks; no not going in the loft or flambéing my dinner. It was enjoyable; he was a boy who liked to be held much more than my first ever did and he seemed to enjoy it no end.

So when did I venture out of the home into the big wide world - what was that like…?

I don’t specifically recall where I was the first time I went out with a wrapped baby but I remember I did it with help and suspect it might have been that most auspicious of starts; Aldi. Well they have a good beer selection. I remember the attention more; everyday people double take and anyone also involved in the process doing likewise stop and talk and want to compare notes. This I did not foresee.

At first I was quite taken-a-back I thought we were in the UK where we can only talk about the weather or sport to strangers; nope. People love coming and talking to your cherub-like children (novelty 1) and if you happen to carrying them in a unfamiliar way (novelty 2) and your chosen carrying medium is particularly beautiful (The Oscha Starry Night Nebula or the green stag Joy and Joy one we own 'Luceo non Uro' (novelty 3)) then you are going to be getting to talk to a lot of ‘randoms’. It’s like each novelty factor compounds the others on a log rhythmic scale until you are interacting with all sorts of people; in some ways this is quite refreshing and I say ‘randoms’ only; because the interactions are not planned and chances are would not have happened without carrying in a wrap or Tula style carrier.

So overall would I recommend it to people?

Yes, it is comfier for the adult and people teach me better for the child physiologically to be in a wrap or Ergonomic carriers than some other types. The attention you get is pretty fun and if you have children with disparate needs due to age it is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal of creating fun together.

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