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An Introduction to the Scottish Baby Box Wrap.

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Here in Scotland we are so blessed to have a One Way Stretchy Wrap included in the Scottish Baby Box. This means that all parents can have free access to a method of carrying their baby right from the start.

The benefits of carrying your baby close are enormous, and I've included a list of some of them below. Most of the benefits of baby carrying come from simply holding your baby closely, which in itself is incredible! Using a carrier or a sling facilitates caregivers to be able to carry their babies in a way that frees up their arms, and can be more comfortable, which oftentimes means that babies are held for longer amounts of time than without a carrier. Caregivers are able to confidently move around with their baby in a carrier, and the freedom they get from that benefits their mental health, as well as allowing them to embrace the outdoors in a way that perhaps wasn’t as accessible before.

For the Baby Box Wrap, as for all carriers we would always recommend you seek face to face support from a trained professional like Sheffield Sling Surgery If your little one was of low birth weight, premature or if either of you have any medical needs please also speak to a healthcare practitioner before use.

Remember to follow the instructions that come with it and the TICKS guidelines at all times. This ensures your little one has lovely clear airways, is visible (and kissable!) at all times, does not slump down and is fully supported in a tight and secure carry. Be mindful that the wrap is three layers, and so your little one could overheat; dress them accordingly and always regularly monitor your baby when using a carrier.

We adore the feeling of carrying little ones in a wrap, the oxytocin release is wonderful and affects both your little one and you :)

UK GP and friend of ours Dr Rosie Knowles, also has an incredible website here that is jam packed full of useful information to help you on your carrying journey:

Benefits of Carrying Your Baby Closely.

Accelerated Brain Growth

Increased Parent – Baby Bonding

Temperature Regulation

Heart Rate Regulation

Breathing Rate Regulation

Oxytocin Production

Less Crying

Post Natal Depression Benefits

Reflux Improvement

Colic Improvement

Increased Breastfeeding Rates

Less Pain Activity

Improved Digestion

Improved Oxygen Saturation Levels

Developmental benefits

Specific Benefits of Using a Carrier.

Freedom of hands

Increased Mobility

Increased Accessibility

Soft Touch Enclosed Embrace

Postural Benefits

More Comfortable

Weight Bearing

Written by Jess Hippey :)

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