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Intro: The Statistics

50% Mako cotton 50% combed cotton | GSM: 285 g/m2

This is one of Joy and Joe's limited and exclusive high end wraps - and it's just fabulous.

1. Please introduce yourself and your child and tell us a little about your babywearing journey/experience

My name is Jess Hippey, I'm wife to Joe, and mother to two lovely little boys, Theo and Archie, I carried Theo from day 7, but only carried occasionally from 3- 9 months, Archie's currently 16 months and so is being carried less as he walks a lot more, but still loves back cuddles :) I'm a baby carrying consultant, I love showing people how to carry and hire out wraps and carriers too.

2: Tell us about other Joy&Joe wraps/ ring sling that you've used in the past if any

I've now managed to try quite a few! Fluffy Shade of Feathers, Monochrome Dream. SMP Noir, Luceo Non Uro, Fountain of Love, Connected Terracotta. What I would say is the variety of weaves Joy and Joe produces is unique. Most brands have a 'feel' about them that you can recognise. Joy and Joe use multiple weaving techniques, so for example the teaching wrap, connected and Fountain of Love all feel very similar, but Luceo which was woven differently has an entirely different feel and appearance. It's great as it means they are covering lots of different wrapping qualities so that there's something for everyone.

3. What are your expectations and initial impression about the tester wrap/ring sling

I had high expectations as this is one of Joy and Joe's limited high end steam treated models. I was not disappointed. It's not only stunning, but so soft straight out the box.

4. Before wearing the wrap/ring sling, can you describe how the texture feels in your hands.

The first impression is the softness, it's floppy and like a well broken in wrap from day 1. The pattern looks like it'll provide enough grip, and yet it's smooth and almost shimmery in appearance.

5. What do you think of the pattern, colourway and weave structure.The pattern is both intricate and pleasing from afar, I love the stag on my luceo but feel people only notice if I've wrapped very precisely, whereas this pattern can be easily appreciated from afar, and yet closeness shows even more clarity,. You cannot tell where the pattern begins or ends! The weave structure is loose, but not so loose that it will pull often. It's hard to decide which is the right and wrong side, as they are both beautiful

6. When wrapping the tester wrap, how did the passes feel.

The wrap moved easily - and I was a little concerned that since wrapping was so easy to pull the passes over each other that they would not hold. Thankfully I was wrong. They didn't budge a bit.

7. How did it feel carrying your little one around. Describe the length of time you had it on, places you visited etc

I actually had the privilege of 'borrowing' a baby for over an hour, and she was literally weightless. It moulded so well, and was easy to wrap her even as she was squirming - Archie, who is 24lb felt heavier but that's to be expected :) It was still really comfortable, and the carry stayed in place really well. My eldest Theo (3.5years) also wanted a turn in the "Giraffe / Spider Web Wrap". Surprisingly it held his weight well too! It really is newborn -toddler / pre -schooler worthy.

8. Conclusion

A fantastic wrap. I think people really underestimate what the combination of the weave, steam treatment and the Mako Cotton can produce. It's so soft and yet carries weight so well. It shimmers in the sun but doesn't slip. From a teaching point of view, the fact it moulds so well and the passes glide helps no end. We'll definitely be adding one to our library.

9. A Word from Joe.

It's the softest ready to use wrap I've ever felt. I'm impressed by the originality of the design, although like my Son I saw Giraffe rather than leaf initially - although leaf become much clearer when worn. It's a pattern I would happily wear, and I enjoyed the comfort of the carry. It's by far the most comfortable fresh out the bag!

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