• Jess Hippey

REVIEW- Jelly Stitch Carriers Pre-School Onbu

I first saw an Onbu in real life at my consultancy course, and was so impressed. A back carry is a doddle in them, and they are quite the game changer for those wary of back carrying as they are just so easy. There's a panel, with two arm straps that form a closed link from the top to bottom of the panel, you simply slip arms through and you're good to go (with a little tightening).

When Amy from Jelly Stitch Carriers offered us a test drive we jumped at the chance. Initially I was wary of the padded look of the straps - I'm petite and usually find padding uncomfortable, but it was suprisingly fantastic. Really comfortable. It looked well made, and our tester was a lovely wrap conversion one.

My son was comfortable in it too, although he was a little small for it. He's a tiny 3.5 years old and still in 2-3 trousers. My husband prefers to back carry with an assistant, and this was the first carrier he happily tried on his own! It's very unusual that we find a carrier we can share, and so this was fantastic for days out, where we could take one instead of multiple, or have to decide who was carrying.

The only improvement I would make, was that I could have done with being able to tighten it another few inches, to get it higher and more snug - having said that, I have tiny shoulders, and struggle to get any non-petite versions of buckles to fit - so it wasn't a surprise to me.

Amy thanks again for the tester, and looking forward to owning one in future :)

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