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Review: Daiesu Sakura Spring Woven Wrap

Intro: The Statistics: Jacquard weave, 75% cotton and 25% linen. 270g/Sq.m. Size 6 Release date: December 2014. Price: RM385 - Approximately £58.

Initial Impression

The Wrap was extremely soft when I opened the packaging, and I was surprised to find it was a linen blend. Looking at the wrap laid flat I thought the colours were too bright for me, but as soon as I put it on it actually looked really nice! (If I say so myself).

My toddler Theo does not like being wrapped - but loved the appearance of this and asked to go up within minutes of it arriving!


The wrap molds very welI and I immediately created a great seat. I found this fairly difficult to tighten the passes, and had to take my time working through strand by strand in order to prevent sagging - however this is common with Linen blends, and a little more breaking in should rectify this. It held in place well and I used it for a long period of time whilst chasing my toddler around Kindergym soft play! Always a good test.

I think personally think it's an ideal wrap for babies around 6 months, approx 17lbish - because it's still feels so soft and gentle to touch and yet the linen adds that extra support for weight baring.


Although price isn't everything - you are getting a huge amount of value for your money with this wrap. It comes in 4 differnent colours with a colourway to suit everyone, and once fully broken in should glide easily.

Thank you for the opportunity to test this.

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