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REVIEW: Baby Bjorn 'We'

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Baby Bjorn has previously been sadly infamous for its carriers that advocate a forward facing, non ergonomic position for the baby. Forward facing, although preferred by many parents, is actually overstimulating for babies who have no where to hide away (for example in a crowded shopping centre) and is not as comfortable for the baby. I do think Baby Bjorn has been overly criticised - their carriers have after all, always been safe - and whilst not the most comfortable of options for baby or wearer - the outcry that some people have had has been excessive. However after much feedback and after consultation with the Institute of Hip Dysplasia - Baby Bjorn have just released its first fully ergonomic and inward facing baby carrier - The 'We'. Woohoo! I was delighted and jumped at the chance to test one.

I must say I have been pleasantly surprised by it. I really struggle with finding buckles comfortable as I have very narrow shoulder blades. These shoulder straps were really comfortable, spread weight evenly and most importantly didn't fall off. The waist band gave a fantastic first impression - and for the first 10 minutes - but after that I did experience some lower back ache.

Whilst this carrier has been approved by the Institute of Hip Dysplasia - the positioning isn't optimum. If you look at my son in the picture above, He doesn't have the characteristic 'm' shape (with his bum lower than knees) that I was looking for and that is recommended. For reference he's 11months and 23lb.

The carrier also doesn't extend from knee to knee - in fact I could get my hands (albeit small) in the gap between the carrier and his knees. I emailed Baby Bjorn to ask about this, and they helpfully sent me a link to the instructional video - I was doing it correctly - it's just not designed for the m position. For reference Winston - our approx 6 month demo doll - was supported from knee-to knee.

In terms of back carrying, it is one of the easiest carriers to transfer baby from front to back safely, and is ideal for someone who has never tried that before. It doesn't involve moving an unsecure baby - as baby is put on the front first and then twisted round - being held safe at all times.

It also is very easy to put baby in and out of, with the carrier panel unclipping - so as to enable easy access and would be helpful for those of limited mobility.

Overall it's great - it's approved of as ergonomic, reasonably comfortable, and such a massive improvement on their previous models that it deserves celebrating. My son seemed comfortable too for the half hour or so walk we used it on. It retails at around £80 which is pretty steep - dearer than a Connecta but cheaper than a Tula.

I personally prefer buckles that don't cause my lower back to ache, and offer a deeper seat for baby. The 'm position' is important to me (if you fancy a long read here is why: http://www.sheffieldslingsurgery.co.uk/healthy-hips-busting-some-myths/) and so I was disappointed that I couldn't achieve it in this carrier.

A few of our Close and Calm friends are having a trial too with different ages and weights of babies - I will let you know their thoughts :)

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