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Reflux and Baby Carrying

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

I am not medically trained and do not give medical advice - this is just my personal story. Please seek help from a healthcare professional if you're concerned about reflux, your little one crying, or any other medical issues.

Reflux can be upsetting for both the child and the parents. While the NHS reassures that this is common, and they will grow out of it, it doesn't make it any easier, when you're changing your child for the 5th time, they're upset and you are too.

Reflux is the reason I personally became a baby carrying consultant. My first son had reflux - the classic type of lots of bringing milk back and very little weight gain. But it didn't bother him much - he would happily bring up a whole feed and carry on chatting away and playing. Thankfully the medications prescribed worked wonders for him, and quickly too.

My eldest boy - had countless numbers of baths and outfit changes :)

Sadly my second son had a much harder time. He had Silent Reflux, so no bringing milk back - instead he didn't gain weight very well, and he cried a lot. It was so difficult, especially with a toddler around asking me why he was still upset, numerous calls and visits to the doctors (who I am so grateful for). What really seemed to help at home was keeping him upright, and carrying him upright while pacing... and so the many hours of research began.

When I meet parents now whose baby has suspected reflux my heart goes out to them - It's still so vivid remembering how hard that 'common' issue was, and yes he did grow out of it by a year... But the first few months especially were really tough.

Tired but relieved mum as her poor boy finally sleeps after a long time of being upset.

Carrying was so helpful for us. The NHS recommended as treatment for Reflux (alongside medication), winding your baby frequently, and holding your baby upright, and carrying does both simultaneously, as babies are often gently winded as you walk, and the upright position is the recommended position for carriers.

If you're struggling with Reflux, or if your little one is crying a lot, please get in touch with someone. Your GP and Health Visitors will be able to help medically, and your local baby carrying consultants and sling libraries will be able to help you find a carrier to make your life a wee bit easier.

Jess x

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