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Our Vision

Carrying your baby close whether just holding them or in a carrier has so many benefits: Human contact with other humans is vital to emotional and physical health and is a normal and essential part of development[1]. Skin to skin contact helps them regulate their temperature, heart rate and breathing rates[2]. It produces oxytocin in both the caregiver and the baby, calming the baby and can even reduce the effects and incidence of Post Natal Depression[3]. Studies have shown that carried babies cry less[4] and that carrying significantly helps with both reflux[5] and colic. Babies who are carried for just one hour each day breastfeed for longer and also breastfeed more frequently[6].

Family adventuring with their baby

Our vision is to impact the community with the benefits of carrying, to make carrying a mainstream occurrence.

It is a vision to see Post Natal Depression reduced, babies’ settled, and community built as people are more free and able to venture out.

We want to see Calm restored to the homes of newborns – and parenting becoming an exciting and encouraging period, instead of one of concern, loneliness and isolation.

Dad with Scottish Baby Box Wrap

With the introduction of the Scottish Baby Box and free carrier included, Close and Calm will support both NHS staff and parents to see a safe and high level of uptake of the carrier and provide Drop In Sessions demonstrating usage – aiming to capture a wide audience, both those who are keen and those who are unsure, by providing a safe, reassuring and neutral venue for people to observe, learn, and meet with other parents –to see that they’re not alone.

A key aim is to provide convenience – as that is what parents today need, enabling trying before purchase at a time that suits them, and ultimately saving money in the long run by making the right choice first time. By having an extensive range of carriers, and an awareness of, and training in, the differing individual needs (such as height, size, medical issues etc.) we are able to give caregivers the opportunity to find their perfect carrier first time and provide safe and correct instruction of how to use them.

We also have big community strengthening plans for the future - watch this space :)

Smiling mum and child

Jess x

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