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Our New Drop Box

Convenience is key for me! I want you to be able to collect a carrier whenever suits you - and so a year ago Joe kindly built me an amazing drop box which meant you could collect or return a carrier 24/7!

Many of you will have used the drop box Joe slaved over- but sadly the Scottish Weather has taken it's toll!

I begun to research other options and there were lots that allowed drop off, but not collection - however eventually I found one; A Probe Ultrabox Mini - The name alone sounds substantial!

It was expensive, but running Close and Calm is far more about providing you with the service you need than me becoming a millionaire, (Good job ;-) ) and I was increasingly concerned that the current drop box was getting more and more difficult to open and less weatherproof.

I wrote to the supplier, Safe Options, and asked for a cheeky wee discount - and amazingly they said yes :) We are so grateful. As a small business it made a huge difference and I'm so thankful for your support.

It's completely waterproof! Even the cool digital lock! And should last another 10 years! Huge thanks again to Joe for installing it!

To use - You simply type in the 4 digit code which I will have sent you - and turn the handle to open it, collect or drop off your carrier, shut the door, turn the handle and you're done. It self locks :)

I'm delighted. And I hope you are too :)

Let me know how you find it too.

Jess x




Based in Bucksburn, Aberdeen, UK.

Text: 07752 170 307

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