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Our Generous Community

As you may know if you're already here reading this, I'm a baby carrying consultant. I have the pleasure of teaching parents and caregivers how to carry their baby in a way that suits them, choosing from a wide variety of carriers and wraps. This weekend we had the lovely company Oscha Slings join us for our monthly drop in session, and it got me thinking about how grateful I am for the professional baby carrying community I find myself in. 

Three ladies smiling

Though I often work alone day to day,  On Saturday I looked around and saw a sea of faces - all working to help parents and their babies bond, have less tears, and enjoy their journey together. 

I had the honour of having five ladies come, who paid for themselves to do peer supporter courses, so we could help more parents. 

Another three came, simply to volunteer their time. Their smiling faces reassuring people who had never been before, and helping out wherever they could. For the first hour, I had a stream of people coming to ask "Is there anything I can do to help". This is the sort of culture I want to be a part of. 

Oscha themselves are a family run Scottish Business, who create amazingly beautiful and intricate wraps and carriers, with ethically sourced yarn. Despite being Edinburgh based, they were willing to pay train fares, shipping of stock and room hire fees - to bring things for us to try. There was no pressure to buy and people loved feeling the different fibres and seeing the carriers in real life. They were a joy to be around and we could really tell they love what they do. Many were taken aback at how they genuinely wanted to get to know us, and let us see the options. It was such a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Baby sleeping on lady's back

Slumber-roo, though not present in person, contributed so much to Saturday too. I wanted to offer unlimited free stretchy hires for newborns, but obviously this costs and so I had to have a limit on my order. Slumber-roo were fantastic, and when my order arrived there were some extra stretchies included at no extra cost. No one would have known. This was no publicity stunt, but rather another business investing in a local community.

Twins being carried in a stretchy

Laughs and Lenses Photography, photographed the event- again at no cost, to help create all the images you see here that better explain what we do.

There are so many others who have also contributed. It's a Sling Thing, Joy and Joe Baby, Firespiral, Baby Bjorn, Slingheaven have all donated carriers to Close and Calm, and so many others have offered incredible discounts, to enable us to have more carriers for more parents.

We also have a UK wide community of consultants who are all more than willing to share resources, leaflets, and even carriers- to help more people.

It's refreshing. And I am grateful.

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