• Jess Hippey

My carrier hurts my back!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

"Slide the chest clip down an inch", "Let me narrow this part for you", "Down and then across". Short little sentences that stop carriers hurting people's back! Oftentimes people wonder what it means to be a baby carrying educator, and what I do day to day. Sometimes I have to draw from all of my training and experience, to help meet the needs of the families I encounter. Other times, a quick sentence as above, can transform a families' carrying experience. What may take me 5 seconds to say, has come from years of experience, helping people to troubleshoot their carriers, practicing myself and sitting under the tuition of some of the finest in our country.

As I can't see you all in person at the moment, I've made some images and videos to help troubleshoot for you - I'm sharing these for free, because I want you to enjoy carrying and bonding with your little one, and pain from a carrier shouldn't be part of that!

If it's useful to you, please do share, like, visit our shop, comment or review to help support our local wee business :)

If you still need support, message me, or get in touch for an online consultation.

Jess x

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