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A Secure Back Carrying Method

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

This blog is written as a reminder for those I've helped at our local drop-in sessions, at private consultations or who I've met in the Neo-natal Unit, and are intended as a reminder, not as a learning resource as there's no substitute for in person help :) Please follow your carrier / sling's safety guidelines at all times :)

If you've seen me back carry, chances are 50/50 that you've seen me hipscoot or do the method I'm about to show you (Sometimes called 'Walk like an Egyptian).

I love it - I love it because all the clips are done up, and I can check baby's position on my front first.

When on my Slingababy training Lorette called attention to our hands - and how a very slight change in position can make this method safe, or unsafe. No one had ever drawn this to my attention before - and yet it's crucial for our baby's safety - and so I wanted to take pictures to explain the difference.

The key point is to ensure we do not rely on the chest strap to support the baby's weight.

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