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How do I carry when it's Dreich?

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Good Q! Especially given the weather of late!

Avoiding snowsuits is crucial, as they easily lead to an unsafe carrier fit, and overheating - so what can we use?

I don't think there's one perfect answer, but here are a few options I've tried :)

With all of these options remember to run through the safety guidelines too:


A Babywearing Coat

This is an easy, but fairly expensive option.

You dress both of you in indoor clothing, and then have one coat that covers you both, with two hoods. You can find a few options over at our friends: Sling Spot or to buy secondhand like I did, I recommend the facebook baby carrying groups. Message for suggestions :)

Babywearing Coat
This is an angelwings coat

An Oversized Jacket

Less expensive, the main difference being you don't have two hoods and you can get a cold neck, but this is what I used before I got my jacket above. Just pop it on holding it low at your back, and bring it up, stopping level with your baby's chin. For a front carry, just zip up to the back of their neck. A snood is a great way to then keep your neck warm, just ensure it doesn't cover your baby at all or obscure their airflow :)

Carrying using an oversized coat
Excuse the mess :) #reallife

A Baby Carrying Cover

I've met lots of people who recommend using their normal coat for themselves, and a babywearing cover like the Caboo one below, or like a Bundlebean one.

Always ensure your little one's nose and mouth is visible and clear of fabric.

Separate Warm yet Non Bulky Layers

It's really hard to wrap / carry over a Bulky coat, so go for something lightweight, and then waterproof too if needed. Separate clothing is great as your little ones get older and are more likely to want to get up and down in the inclement weather.

Family Carrying
Joe (left) is wearing a thin waterproof coat and so is his son! Jess has gone for the babywearing coat, which her boy was determined to stick his arms out of!

The Pram

While I love carrying, I also love my pram; for me they just serve different purposes - and if I know my pram will save the day I have no second thoughts about it :)

Lady with Pram
I love my pram :)

So what is your preferred method, or do you have any other tips? We'd love to hear from you!


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