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How to use our collection service

Updated: May 18, 2019

So a huge part of Close and Calm for me is that it has to be convenient.

Parents have enough to worry about without having to be somewhere else at a certain time! So here's our 24/7 collection service works:

1) You tell me you want to hire (If you don't know - we can chat first). Create a hire account, and send the hire fee.

2) I pop the carrier in the waterproof parcel box and message you the 4 digit code.

3) You come and get it whenever you're passing by. Inside the carrier will be bagged and marked with your name :)

4) Simply type in the 4 digit code which I will have sent you - and turn the handle to open it, collect or drop off your carrier, shut the door, turn the handle and you're done. It self locks :) The instructions are sent via email :)

And if you're late - no problem, the box will still be there. If you forget, no problem -

It's completely waterproof and will be fine until the next day :)

I'm delighted. And I hope you are too :) Let me know how you find it!

Jess x

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