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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Yes - I'm aware it's November! But I love Christmas! I love the snow, I love singing Carols at Church and seeing my boy's delight in the Nativity. I love being reminded that this is a season about love, humility and grace rather than simply spending!

I think i'm going to try and make some gifts this year! Be kind recipients ;-)

I also love the cuddles. Cold weather - warm cosy children. I think I'm going to miss them this year as last my youngest didn't want to leave my side... this year he is Mr Independent - but I'm sure I'll sneak a couple!

I've decided to do a Christmas Offer for a few reasons -

1) Because I love creating flyers with Christmas Themes (you may laugh but it's true!)

2) Because long term hires gives me a quieter December to be with my family more

3) Because I would love people to fall in love with Carrying this Christmas - and hope the money off helps as an incentive!

If you've never carried before - or simply fancy trying something new - get in touch to reserve yours.

Jess x

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