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Babywearing and me!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

I'm not a "babywearer" as such.... More just someone who carries their baby daily :)

Hello, for the new readers my name is Jess Hippey, I'm wife to Joe, and mother to two lovely little boys.

Firstly, Babywearing just means carrying your baby in some sort of carrier, whether that be one that clips on (buckles), one that ties on (i.e mei -tais) or a long length of material (wraps)

First Sight

I first saw babywearing when I was a student, one of our friends used a ring sling, and I loved the fact she could take her tiny baby out the house, but still be so close, Protecting him and reassuring him.

First Experience

I carried my first boy from day 7, I went to church using my ring sling, and loved that I could still see my friends and go to church but had the security that I didn't have to pass him around! That may seem harsh but after his difficult birth (induced, 3 day intense labour over Christmas, emergency section Boxing Day) I was very emotional and fiercely attached to him. It took me a while to let others hold him for more than 30 seconds!

Moving on, he got heavier and my ring sling didn't cut it (I know now I don't suit padded shoulders) so I bought a high street carrier (not knowing there were far more comfortable options for both of us). Thankfully it was a wider based one, and we used that until he was 9 months. However he was such a pram boy, he loved it, and so the sling was mainly for difficult to access places only. Believe it or not, from under a month old he would only sleep when we lay him in a cot!! Don't be too jealous - my second's a whole different boy :) He loves nothing more than to be held - day and night!

Mum to Two

2 years later, when no.2 came along, on a Friday night, naturally and peacefully I knew I wanted to go to church on Sunday and thank God for his safe and even enjoyable delivery. The ring sling was used from day 2 :-) and enabled me to look after both boys together. But then he grew, I used my high street carrier for a while but that didn't cut it either. He was heavy! A heavy boy who just wanted cuddles, all the time. I also had a wedding coming up. So i posted on aberdeen babywearers and was immediately offered the loan of a wrap. We met at the sling meet, and I found that due to my narrow shoulders all the buckles were uncomfortable, but wraps were incredible! It was love! One of the things I was struggling with was taking my eldest for bike rides. Joe is passionate about bikes, and so is my boy, one of favourite activities is for me to take him for a ride on his trike, or balance bike, but he's still not 100% steady.. I needed free hands and just couldn't do this with a pram. And so I youtubed every night feed and practiced the next day.... I owned a cheap wrap first, and then progressed to my Joy and Joe Luceo Non Uro - which is now used almost as much by Joe as by me :-)

And so....

I never chose babywearing for any of the usual 'top ten' reasons - although they are so incredible, (helps prevent postnatal depression, regulates baby's temperature, optimum hip position, increases bonding etc).

For me it was simply a question of how to best serve my boys as their mother, my husband as his wife, and God as his daughter. I wanted to not compromise.

I didn't want to stop no 1 going to Kindergym, but I didn't want to leave no 2 alone on the side either - so I carried him.

I didn't want to stop making Joe dinner when he comes home - he does so much for me, so I carried..

I didn't want to stop stepping out at church, singing, preaching, worshipping - and so I did, with my boy on my back.

For me it's a tool that enables our family to function to the best of its ability, and we love it.

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