• Jess Hippey

A Trip to Oscha HQ

Friday was an exciting day for me. For my birthday / Christmas we were generously gifted a weekend away by Joe's parents - including babysitting! (Thanks again for that!) Joe kindly let me pick where to go, and I happened to choose a location extremely close to Oscha!

I first encountered an Oscha wrap when I was getting ready for my sister-in-law's wedding. I knew the church was an older style one with narrow aisles that would not fit a pram and so put up a post online asking if anyone had a "pretty" baby carrier I could borrow to match my dress. I was kindly offered a Starry Night Nebula, which was so stunning.

The more I researched Oscha, the more I loved not just their designs, but also the fact that they are a Scottish, family run local business, who are not only creating beautiful baby wraps and carriers, but also investing our local economy, by both weaving in the UK and having the carriers created and the wraps finished here in Scotland.

As an admirer of their designs and ethos, I loved meeting the team at various events this year, and found them to be genuine friendly and caring, and was really looking forward to seeing the rest of the team and the HQ.

I had anticipated that the tour of the headquarters would be incredible in terms of seeing all the wraps and I was not disappointed, I even saw some test pieces of new designs, but what struck me most was the lovely atmosphere. I was greeted by Hannah, and we quickly bumped into a bounding little toddler with her dad - this really was a family-friendly environment. As I was shown round, I saw that the staff are such a team, working closely with each other through all stages from design to the fabric arriving in loom state, to the final piece of wrap / carrier.

There is so much I would still love to learn about the process, it's so involved from ethically sourcing yarn, to testing dyes to make sure they are suitable for babies. The patterns take hours, even months to design, and are then woven in the UK on a loom, the fabric rolls then arrive at Oscha, where they are cut. They are hemmed by a wonderful team of seamstresses for wraps, and for carriers painstaking work goes into them, delicately ironing and pinning every pleat into place before being sewn into the permanent position.

I love that this is a Scottish Family, who are now employing more families, and creating more jobs for people in the UK. I love that they haven't outsourced to keep costs down, but instead value the skills of those around them. It was a pleasure to visit, and I'm delighted to have Oscha carriers available for hire.

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