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A Picture Tells a Thousand Words - Or Does It?

My partner took this photo of me a couple of weekends ago. You remember it? The one where the sun shone for a day.

We’d taken the opportunity to get out in the sunshine and do a training walk with my toddler, our new born and the puppy. For clarities sake, it’s the puppy that we were training, although at times I think it should be the toddler!

Everything looks like it’s going well in this photo right; sun is shining, baby asleep on my chest, dog hanging on my every command, me smiling? A man had even passed us, moments before this was taken, loudly commenting to his wife and gesturing towards me and my hound, “Look (wife’s name), that’s how you do it.”

The truth behind the photo, is that 10 minutes earlier, our ‘well trained’ dog had dragged me into the corner of the car boot giving me a 4-inch bruise across my chest, whilst my squish of a baby was screaming it's head off in my partner's arms because only mummy will do just now and my toddler was racing around the car park like an F1 car.

Minutes before this photo was taken, I was stood in the middle of a forest path, in tears, my partner trying to comfort me while not losing the toddler, with people politely ignoring my sniffles and giving me the occasional sympathetic glance, because our loving, relaxing, sunny, family focused walk had turned out to be, well, not that!

What I’m trying to say, in my waffly, foggy, ‘up all night feeding head’ way, is that it’s easy to look at someone in a moment of time and think that everything’s ok and they have their stuff together but the reality of it is that none of us really know how anyone else is doing from just one look. I’m pretty sure that the man singing my praises would have been saying something different if he’d have seen the circus I was conducting minutes earlier in the car park!

So know this: it’s ok to fall apart sometimes and it’s ok to have absolutely nothing under control because I can guarantee it, as quickly as the chaos started, it will stop, peace and harmony will be restored…at least until next time.

But please, consider this, next time you see someone juggling kids, dogs, sunny afternoon walks and whatever else, give them a warm smile or a friendly wave hello because you don’t know what was happening in their life before your paths crossed and sometimes it’s all that’s needed to know that we’re all in this circus together.

Love Jo xo

We love writing about our experiences as parents and hope it encourages you - read here to learn about when Jess experienced similar: https://www.closeandcalm.co.uk/post/seasons-of-life-you-re-doing-a-great-job or browse our blog to peruse our musings on life.

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