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A Close and Calm Christmas.

I have a lot of memories of me carrying at Christmas, particularly in a festive ring sling.

I also have a picture of me stood near a Christmas Tree in hospital, while 40 weeks pregnant and so I strongly associate Christmas with babies!

  • Did you know Christmas can be really overwhelming for little ones? Everyone excited very early in the morning!

  • Rustling of paper, lots of noise and presents.

  • Loads of people (In non-covid times)

  • Eating at random times

  • Naps / Routines Disrupted

Carrying really helps and has been a big part of our Christmas over the last few years.

As adults we may not realise how unfamiliar Christmas day can feel yet by holding them close they are reassured that you are there and that they're safe.

While it's been a huge part - It’s something that I don't know I’d have thought of as a solution if I wasn’t already carrying, hence why I thought I'd write about it, because

actually when then are people or things that they aren't familiar with, it provides a safe place for them to come and be comforted.

I remember when my babies were a little fractious or seemed unsure, we’d carry them, nip out for a walk, help them feel calm, and keep them in the carrier when they returned, it brought such Calm to our home.

It also helped us attend Carol Services, and Church on Christmas Morning, keeping them warm and safe - but I'll perhaps write more about that next year!

Whatever sort of Christmas you're planning - remember if you own a carrier that it can really help, and we do wish you a wonderful time celebrating together.

Have a Close and Calm Christmas,

Jess x

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