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An Introduction to Carrying:

Congratulations on your new baby... This page will tell you just some of the benefits of carrying your baby, as well as answer some commonly asked questions.


Let's look at the benefits first:

Carried babies cry less

Carrying increases bonding

Carrying promotes breastfeeding

Carrying aids the recovery of Postnatal Depression

You can still go on outdoor adventures - up mountains,

 through forests and into narrow coffee shops

Dads and Grandparents can carry too. 

You're hands free!


When can I start? 

Babies can be carried from birth, and in fact kangaroo skin to skin care is often protocol for premature babies.


What should I use to carry my newborn in?

For many babies a stretchy wrap, or a Caboo is a lovely first choice. However there are many other options available: Click here for more information. 


What safety issues do I need to

be aware of?

Please visit our safety page here

The TICKS guidelines for baby

carrying safety are a great

starting point. See here.

Man carrying Baby on Hill
Family - Man and Lady both carrying a child each
Carrying Safety (2).png

Another thing to be aware of is that breastfeeding in a carrier is

possible, but it is not a 'hands free' thing. The carrier is simply an aid

to you feeding as you usually do. At all times baby's

head should be free of fabric, and yet supported with your arm, 

allowing baby to latch on and off as they need. This video from

Sheffield Sling Surgery shows how a stretchy can be used as a 

feeding aid.


What do people mean by 'an m position' and 'a deep seat'?

This is referring to the optimum position for a baby to be in, in a carrier. It is ergonomic, more comfortable for both baby and parent, and ensures no extra strain is placed on the hips. I've written a blog here to explain more about it.


How can I find out more?

You can browse the pages on this website, you can email me, or you could visit some of the links below :)


Links to other resources:

Babywearing UK

Sheffield Sling Surgery

Close and Calm on Facebook

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