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Before using your hire - Please click the item you have hired and read through / watch all the manufacturer's instructions (including their manuals) first and then read through our safety page here. If you cannot see your carrier's instructions please contact us for them before use. Please make sure you are familiar with the instructions before using the carrier, that your child is the correct age and weight for the carrier, and that the carrier has been adjusted accordingly. If you are unsure of any aspect of using slings or carriers safely, or the correct positioning of your child, please do not use the carrier and contact Close and Calm Limited. The TICKS Safety Guidelines must be followed at all times.

If you're looking for demo video reminders from Jess - please see the VIDEOS page or our YouTube. At the bottom of the page are links to Jess's personal favourite videos for each type of carrier.

Buckled Carriers:                      

BabyBjorn 'We'                                       

BabyBjorn 'One'                                      

BabyBjorn 'Mini'                                        

BabyBjorn 'Move'    

BabyBjorn 'Harmony'

Beco Gemini                                       

Beco Toddler                                          and here

Beco 8     

Beco Carrier

Boba 4G                                                      

Connecta Standard and Solar                                       

Connecta Toddler           

Ergobaby 360                                            

Ergobaby Adapt                                         

Ergobaby Omni 360                              

Ergobaby Original                                       

Ergobaby Embrace         



Izmi Baby Carrier  

Kahu Baby Carrier 

Kahu Toddler Carrier 

Mamaruga Zensling

MiniMonkey Mini Sling   

Oscha Bairn     

Oscha Cairis                                              

Oscha Coorie    

Oscha Nook      


Tula Standard         

Tula Lite                                      

Tula Free to Grow                                      

Tula Explore                                                

Tula Toddler Videos    Toddler Tula Manual

Tula PreSchool                                                                                                                                                                  

Tula Half Buckle  

Twin Carriers:

Twingo Carrier                                      

MiniMonkey Twin Carrier               


Stretchy Wraps

Boba Two Way Stretchy Wrap                 

Wuti Stretchy Wrap                              

Scottish Baby Box Wrap   

Stretchy Hybrid:

Close Caboo       Close Caboo Manual Here                                   

Ring Slings:

Oscha Ring Sling       

Soul Slings Ring Sling

Joy and Joe Ring Sling

Little Frog Ring Sling 

Woven Wraps:

Oscha Slings


Joy and Joe

Little Frog

Tie on Carriers:

Rock Solid Slings Mei Tai                  

Rock Solids Slings Onbuhimo                  

Rock Solid Slings Podaegi             


Zip Us In                     

Video Tutorials:

Front Wrap Cross Carry


Front Cross Carry Pre-Tied


Poppins Hip Carry


Ruck Tied Tibetan


Short Back Cross Carry

Some of our Favourite Videos:

If you click the video it takes you to my playlist of helpful videos.


All hires require agreement to Terms and Conditions which are also presented when you create an account on


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