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Discount Codes

We are very fortunate in that many lovely manufacturers give me as a consultant a discount code to pass on to our clients. They love supporting local consultants and sling libraries, and also love knowing that their clients will have been correctly taught how to use their carrier - and can have someone local to ask questions to if they need advice.

The discount codes are only for Close and Calm Limited's clients, for those who've had a consultation or have been to a drop in session - so I cannot list them here - but email me here for the code and I'll be in touch. Here are the wonderful discounts available. 

(Please note - often a code use not only gives you a discount but also gives 'Close and Calm Limited' a point / credit to use with the manufacturer towards another carrier for the library)

Integra Baby Carrier 10%

Oscha Slings 10%

Koala Slings 5%

Beco 10%

Boba 10%

Moby 10%

Rock Solid Slings 10%

Nova 10%

Lillebaby / Slingheaven 10%

Slumberoo 10%

Tula Baby Carrier 10%

Ergobaby 10%

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