Consultations (and Hires)


We have now streamlined our hire and consultation prices as follows:


1. Hire 1 Carrier for 4 weeks for £20 - this includes a 10 minute complimentary fit check.

2. Hire 2 Carriers for 4 weeks for £35 - this includes a 20 minute complimentary fit check for both carriers.

3. 45 minute appointment - £20 - can be added to either hire package or as a standalone option, booked in a single 45 minute or a double 90 minute session.

Your consultation will be tailored to you, please contact us and we can estimate how long you will need. Here are a few topics that are often requested to help you think of what you'd like from your bespoke session:

1) Introduction to carrying 1.5hrs - This will cover the basics of baby carrying, safety, an introduction to all the different types carriers, and a chance to practice with the library carriers. 

2) Introduction to carrying 1hr - This will cover the basics of baby carrying safety, an introduction to all the different types carriers, and a chance to practice with some of the library carriers - as many as time allows.

3) Help me with my slings - Helping you have the correct fit with your slings / carriers, and showing you a variety of different carries.


4) Back Carrying Consultation - Teaching you how to safely lift your baby onto your back alone , how to safely get your baby down from your back on your own, and demonstrating safe and comfortable back carries.


5) Wrapping Consultation - Covering safety, introducing you to the basics of wrapping and showing you a variety of different carries. 

6) Twins - I am passionate about supporting parents of twins and multiples! A twin consultation is the same price as other consultations and I would be delighted to show you how you can still be hands free.

All consultations are time - limited. If you'd like a longer appointment that can be arranged just let us know in advance. 

Consultation Terms and Conditions


We try our hardest to be flexible with our clients as we're aware of the difficulties of life with young children. Appointments can cancelled and refunded in full as long as we have over 7 days notice. After that time, and as long as we have 24 hours notice, appointments can be re-scheduled but not refunded. If we receive less than 24 hours notice or no notice, unfortunately no refund can be given and the appointment can be only re booked at extra cost. Please contact us, as we will act with kindness and discretion on a case by case basis as to what this cost will be. 

Postage Costs for Hire Carriers - £5 for one item, £8 for two.



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