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My name is Jess and I run Close and Calm Limited along with help from my husband Joe, and two wee boys.

We live in Bucksburn, Aberdeen and love it.

Close and Calm is run by Jess, who started it after her boys had reflux and carrying made such a difference to their family. When you support Close and Calm you're supporting a small family local business :)

Our vision is to impact the community with the benefits of carrying, to make carrying a mainstream occurrence.

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It is a vision to see Post Natal Depression reduced, babies’ settled, and community built as people are more free and able to venture out.


We want to see Calm restored to the homes of newborns – and parenting becoming an exciting and encouraging period, instead of one of concern, loneliness and isolation.

Born out of a desire to help make parent's lives easier.

A carrier helped restore some calm to our house. We hope it will yours too :)

Jess is fully trained and insured:

I am a fully qualified and insured baby carrying consultant. My training with the School of Babywearing involved not only learning about carrier types and safety, but discussed parts of baby and adult anatomy, how to fit carriers correctly to different frames, and carrying multiples, amongst other things. I've also trained with Slingababy - a course which expanded my knowledge far more than I anticipated and taught me how to better support parents and children in any circumstances I encounter, and how to make carriers work for them. We also looked at how to help those with additional medical needs, both parent and child, in conversation with their medical teams. If you or your little one has any additional needs and you feel like a carrier might help - do get in touch and we are happy to work with your healthcare team to see if together we can find a solution for you. I am not medically trained so if your little one was born prematurely, of low birth weight or if either of you have any medical needs we do ask that you have a conversation with your healthcare provider first.

Our Family

Joe is a man who carries - and is my design consultant when purchasing stock.

My boys make me laugh - we share the same sense of humour- and they're fun to be around.