Jess Hippey

My name is Jess and I run Close and Calm along with help from my husband Joe, and two wee boys.

We live in Bucksburn, Aberdeen and love it.

I am a fully qualified and insured baby carrying consultant. My training with the School of Babywearing involved not only learning about carrier types and safety, but also baby anatomy, adult anatomy, how to fit carriers correctly to different frames, helping those with additional medical needs (both parent and child) and carrying multiples amongst other things. I've also trained with Slingababy - a course which expanded my knowledge far more than I anticipated and taught me how to better support parents and children in any circumstances I encounter, and how to make carriers work for them. 


My two boys are my willing testers for carriers and my husband Joe carries too and helps test out new library additions. 


The majority of my carriers are fairly neutral colours - but I do have fancy / pretty ones for occasional hire too - such as weddings / Ceilidhs etc.  


I love to chat - so if you ever have any carrying related questions feel free to get in touch.


I started offering consultations as I much prefer one to one conversations, and personally find that’s the way I learn best. I do charge for these, and there’s an article here from a fellow consultant who explains some of the reasons why. 


Despite preferring one to one appointments I do also offer group sessions which I really enjoy. I feel they are a great way to build community, and parenting can be a lonely time - when actually it needn’t be. There are lots of others experiencing similar issues - and I always find talking (and cake) helps. 

Our Family

Joe is a man who carries - and is my design consultant when purchasing stock

My boys make me laugh - we share the same sense of humour- and they're fun to be around.


Based in Bucksburn, Aberdeen, UK.

Text: 07752 170 307

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Jess Hippey