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Close and Calm is currently closed.

Emails will still be responded to once a week, but we are not taking any further hire reservations or booking appointments.


If you're looking for baby carrying support, I've recently spent time with the lovely people at Sheffield Sling Surgery: - do contact them, ask if they have someone trained and insured who can help you by perhaps doing an online session and posting a carrier. (As a side note, no one trained and insured will ever be offended if you ask this :))

If you're looking for in person, Aberdeen support, you can join the Aberdeenshire Babywearers page and this link has a list of the locally trained people: again, do ask for someone trained and insured.

Please always carry safely:

and if you're unsure do stop and get in touch with someone



Close and Calm aims to make your life that wee bit easier! Here are some of the things we can help you with:

In person help and support

There's nothing quite like 1-2-1 help and support.

We adore helping people with their carriers and are so delighted to be offering private consultations again. Getting to sit with you, hear your story and what exactly it is you're looking for in a calm environment, helping you try on carriers until you find one you love and answering your questions is one of the highlights of what we do. While here you can take your time to feed and change your little one as needed, and we will follow your lead for the pace of the session. It's really important to us that you both enjoy your time with us :)

A bespoke 1 - 2 - 1 session is based around your carrying needs. Perfect for trying to figure out which carrier is best for your family, learning a new skill, getting help with more than one carrying position or carrier. Comes with a complimentary two week hire of your favourite carrier.

Mastering your Scottish Baby Box Wrap

It's a wonderful gift from the government, making carrying accessible to all - book a consultation so you can be confident with it and enjoy it to the full.

Buying a baby carrier 

There are so many to choose from online, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. In our shop we only sell carrier brands we love, and we're happy to chat with you before hand to help you find the one that's best for your family. 

Hiring a Baby Carrier

Going on holiday? Want to see if you like a carrier before investing in one? Hire a carrier first from just £20 for 4 weeks :)

Training your staff

Parents tell us they would love their childcare providers to use baby carriers to help soothe and calm babies whilst still caring for other children. Close and Calm can deliver a comprehensive training and support package to enable your staff to use carriers comfortably, safely and confidently.

Discount Codes

Who doesn't love to save a little bit of money :)

Gift Vouchers

All of our services / products are able to be bought as a gift :) Just purchase as normal and let us know at the checkout stage and we'll personalise it for you.

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